Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guerilla Marketing! Artists and crafters take over the media!

Guess what? My art is indirectly in the Wall Street Journal!

Yesterday I blogged about Etsy day, which was so successful, it was the most tweated-about topic on Twitter!

Here's what we did:
One artist, a photographer, thought up the idea. If we all publicize the Etsy site, itself, instead of just our individual shops, we could...maybe...create a big enough buzz to be noticed...without spending a cent. We discussed it online for about a month, brainstorming, and set a date, and yesterday was the day and we sprang into action.

We spent no money, except for paper and ink to print up some signs on our own computer/printers from free designs to put in car windows and shop windows all over the world.
We wore buttons we made.
We Twittered.
We Facebooked.
We Blogged.
We Craigslisted.
We handed out cards.

We created a buzz! Wallstreet Journal isn't the only medium to pick up our story and further our self generated publicity! It shows what can happen when we pool our energy and resources to positively promote all things made handmade!

As you might know, my Etsy store is just in its infancy and I need more pieces before I'll really be able to roll with a shop, but here it is...taking its baby steps! I still sell all of my pet portraits directly from my website:

The second exciting thing that happened to me yesterday is that I was accepted into the Printsy Group, a group of talented printmakers who sell on etsy! What an honor! What a fabulous medium...original AND affordable art!

Okay...beautiful day here outside of Philadelphia, I have lots of things to get done today including working on my Yorkie portrait, yardwork and a visit to Fleisher to attend the closing show where my full sized cat woodcut print won the printmaking award! TTYL. Robin
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Jennifer Rose said...

I had no idea it was Etsy day until it started showing up in all the tweet updates. Its a neat idea and its great that it gave Etsy more exposure :D

DJ said...

Wow- Just found your blog; lovely artwork...I'll be back!

Robin said...

Hi, Jen! Thanks for commenting! I think the "bump" will not be immediate, but now ppl who never HEARD of Etsy now know there's a neat place to buy all handmade...including artwork!

Robin said...

Hi, DJ! Welcome to my blog and hope to see you again soon. Thanks for commenting! I have lots to tell about my cat woodcut print...but not today.