Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Award Winning Kitty and ME!

As my regular readers know, I recently won the Printmaking Cash Award at Fleisher Art Memorial. Imagine my thrill when the check came from the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

To me it was just as thrilling that my woodcut print of a feral cat, "Kensington" was bought by another artist! That's Maria on your right, my HER print... in the middle and me on your left. Of course, I signed, titled and numbered the print, which was #1 of my still-open edition. If you'd like to see my series of animal prints, click HERE If you're interesting in purchasing your own print of "Kensington" or any of my other animal prints, just email me at

So I should be busy printing more Kensingtons and other animal prints. Instead, we took Otto to the Open Studios at the 915 Building in Philadelphia. Here's Otto enjoying the art!

October is when the huge, all - city open studios tour is, so if you're anywhere near Philadelphia, keep that in's so huge, that it's split into 2 weekends, one east of Broad and the other west. It's a great time and you can buy fabulous pieces right off the easel and often score somewhat of a deal before they hit the galleries. I'll keep you posted on that.

Finally, today I'm working on the background of my Yorkie portrait, it's a very detailed, meaningful background, incorporating the Yorkie's mom's love of the beach and even a sentimental small portrait of her with her mother when she was a girl. So this is more time consuming than my usual background, but soooo meaningful! I enjoy doing human portraits, but my dog work takes most of my time. Same with horses, as much as I enjoy them, it's mostly dogs for me!


twincedar said...

That is so wonderful and I know you were thrilled! I love to see your woodcut prints.

Robin said...

Awww,thanks!!!! Next one I do is a commissioned portrait! I start that this weekend (I think my Yorkie colored pencil one will be done by then!)

Andrea said...

Congratulations!! I wanted to come to the awards ceremony, but didn't make it down in time. :( So happy for you!

Robin said...

Thanks, Andrea! Sorry I missed the last class...I was sick! Yuck. Keep in touch?