Wednesday, July 10, 2013

House Portrait Painting, a big shot of whimsical fun!

Home Portrait Watercolor and Ink with Dog
I am enjoying drawing and painting portraits of houses! I like to make a house look like a home and personalized it.  This watercolor and ink home portrait has a little dog on the porch!  He's not exactly to scale, but especially with a more fun and whimsical style, I really don't HAVE to have him be the right size, right?

I love playing with the foliage, I'm now dropping the greens on wet, then after they dry, picking out the variations to outline in ink.

The knock out roses in the front were not in bloom in my reference photos, but luckily I have them in my backyard garden, next to my gazebo where I do most of my artwork in nice weather.

The only problem I have with this, is it makes me want to get out some wood and carve a wood block.  I might just.