Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Pope Francis I, embraces our Animal Saint!

St. Francis of Assisi with birds
How excited all our little creatures in life must be that their saintly champion is honored by the selection of his name by the new Pope!  Yes, I believe animals have souls and spirits and yes, I believe that God lives in all good things, so St. Francis has always been my favorite saint.  We know he's the patron saint of animals, did you know he preached to birds?  That he made a peace pact between dogs and a wolf and humans?  That he considered the sun and moon our "brothers and sisters"?   I just love that, and maybe it's a little wacky, but it's my kind of wacky!

When I paint or draw a pet portrait, I always ask about their personality.  I know some might think I'm a little "off" by asking that, but I truly believe that if I know what they are like, their personality comes through in their portrait.

Look at these two golden retrievers whose portraits I drew in colored pencil.  One is full of fun and mischief, a bit of a tease.  Just because YOU want me to get in the car, I'll have to think about it!  The other, who was an elderly rescue successfully placed by a great rescue in Dallas, TX, is laid back, goes with the flow, just happy to be alive and loved and uber obedient!  Which is which?  Call me what you will, I agree with St. Francis on animals!
Golden Retriever Portraits by me, Artist Robin Zebley

It's through my deep love and respect for dogs that I have come to believe in the spirit of God in all creatures, great and small!  St. Francis was also an environmentalist, so that also appeals to the naturalist, compost making me!  Pope John Paul II said about St. Francis, "It is my hope that the inspiration of Saint Francis will help us to keep ever alive a sense of 'fraternity' with all those good and beautiful things which Almighty God has created."

I am pleased that this kind of philosophy, being one with nature, respect and love of animals and all of mankind, no matter what country or religion they were born into, no matter social status, is being talked about as this new Pope Francis I begins his work. 

Of course, it's the wacky in me that thinks there really can be Peace on earth, no matter what religion, or even no religion each person has.  We can unite under that good hope, can't we? (Repro of St. Francis courtesy of  
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