Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sarge the Boxer Dog on T.V.! Oh, me, too!

Sarge the T.V. Star Dog Getting His Beauty Sleep
Sarge NEEDS his beauty sleep, he's about to be a t.v. star!  For real!  On Tuesday, Sarge and I were interviewed by Philadelphia's Channel 6 producer Gaby, for a segment on their newsmagazine show, FYI, which will air on December 15.

I was naturally nervous, but Gaby was a real pro, as was the camerman, Andy.  They really put me at ease. 

Sarge, however, had no butterflies in his tummy, he knew they came to our home studio to see him, naturally!  Sarge was a total ham.  He really seemed to understand what he was supposed to do.

Actually, along with doing a little demo (hands shaking!) and talking about how I started doing pet portraits and telling some stories about the dogs and cats whose portraits I have done, we did discuss Sarge!  Since most of the pieces I've done in my career are sold and gone, I only had a few pieces to show, one was my painting of Sarge in profile.

The other one was Brutus, my nieces's boxer, who was the very first dog whose portrait I did!  The one and a half hour taping will be edited down to a minute and a half, and I can't wait to see what sticks and what gets snipped.

So now Sarge has what Wally and the Beave would call "a swelled head"!  Not really, later in the week Hoss came for an overnight visit and let him know that in some ways, Hoss is Boss! 


Peggy said...

That is so cool! Congrats Robin!! Oh and Sarge too :)

Robin said...

Ha ha.