Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brothers, Black Boxer Dog Hoss and Brindle Flash Sarge

Black Boxer Dog Hoss & Brother Sarge
Sarge is my studio dog, my buddy who keeps me company while I paint and draw my pet portraits.  He's the flashy brindle boy on the right. 

On our left is his half brother, Hoss, who is, as you can see, a Black Boxer dog.  Hoss comes out and visits with us often, and we recently had him for a fun week.  What is interesting to me is that they have the same father, and their moms are sisters, so they are very close geneticallly.  But they could not be farther apart in personality!

Sarge is laid back, enjoys romping but likes to take breaks rolling and stretching in the sunshine, amuses himself in the backyard while I get some garden work done.

Hoss?  100% energy.  I think he really resents having to get some sleep, but the way his legs go and his "whooooo, whoooooing" while "sleeping", he's having fun in his dreams!

When you take Hoss out, he wants to play with either Sarge or me the whole time.  His favorite toy at my house is that flattened basketball you see at Sarge's feet.  He never gets tired of having me throw it or kick it and bringing it back.  He's been trained to "back up", so I can safely kick it right over his head and off he goes.

Sarge would rather run with Hoss than retrieve.  Around and around the willow tree, his "fort" is his favorite.

Hoss is skinny, too.  He is healthy as can be but he burns it off.  I want his metabolism and energy!  Since Hoss is a city boy, he actually waits til you put a sheet of newspaper under his behind for him to poop on.  Easy cleanup!

If you haven't seen a black boxer before, they are actually covered with the brindle stripes 100% over the tan.  So in the sunshine, he's a very very dark blackish brown.  His dad is a black boxer, too, and they are AKC registered, one hundred percent boxer...and one hundred percent energy!!!

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