Friday, September 14, 2012

My Secrets (that you probably already know) about housework for work at home women like me

Work at home and having trouble staying on top of things?  My efficiency tips that you probably already know!

Sarge as a puppy watching me "work"!
  1. Looking at your Etsy stats eats your day and somehow alerts buyers to walk away.  I sell when I don't look.
  2. It takes 30 minutes to get my downstairs clean enough.
  3. Keeping my liquid dishwashing soap, pot scrubbers and sponge in the cabinet instead of proudly displaying them sinkside like a prized vintage teapot collection takes about one second.  And it burns one extra calorie to bend over and put it away.  More chocolate!
  4. No dogs saves a LOT of time.  No dog hair, no walks, no bowl cleaning.  No stopping to smell the roses or whatever is in bloom, no cheery companion to have to bend over and pet. for me.  Time well spent!
  5. Carrying stuff that belongs upstairs and dumping the pile upstairs doesn't tidy up.  It just moves the mess from one locale to another.  On a similar note...
  6. Laundry isn't done til it's hung up or in a drawer.
  7. They do not stuff dog toys with plastic beans for a reason.  A month later and I'm still finding them.
  8. Taking a minute to clean the sink means a minute later I have a clean sink.
  9. Taking a minute to visit Facebook means an hour later I still need to go clean the sink.
  10. The post office will come and pick up the packages.
  11. Deciding what's for dinner in the morning makes it way more likely I'll have something cheaper, more nutritious and tastier than a desperate dash for take out.
  12. Putting things away in the exact same location in the fridge saves time and energy.  Mine and the electric company's.  Okay....that's about it...
  13. If you are a husband, please look away now.  You're done.
  14. If you are a wife, here's the best tip I ever got:  It will reduce stress.  You can sleep at night again.  No more nightmares, crazy mornings....
  15. Create a Secret Stash.  Put one pair of undies, one pair of socks for everyone in the house there, along with $20 broken up into 5s and 1s.  A half roll of toilet paper, a little bit of soap, a bit of shampoo, an almost empty deodorant and one day's worth of coffee, a diaper or 2 if you have a baby, one load of laundry's detergent.  Do not use it unless you have to.  Do not think about it.  Do not tell anyone about it.  When the day comes (and it will) that he doesn't have clean undies in his drawer, just furtively sneak out and produce them from the SS.  MAKE SURE you replace them asap.  No coffee?  Yes, there is.  No tp?  Here ya go. No lunch money? Will $5 do it?  Do not fret over who should have done the laundry, bought the soap.  It doesn't matter when there is none in the house.  You are amazing!  Do not under any circumstance disclose this secret to any man or child.  It's our secret :D  Love to hear your tips as well!

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Emily said...

Nice tips, especially the one about Facebook :)