Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Snapshot of My Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Me, Philadelphia Area Artist, Robin Zebley
Here's a little sampling of my pet portraits, I made a treasury of them on Etsy in my Vintage Shop to show my visitors the other side of my life!  It shows up in my profile.

It's not clickable, so if you'd like to see it "live", click ---> Pet Portraits!

It's funny how I look at these and remember little details about what I was doing and what time of the year, the client who commissioned it, and the animals themselves but never the names!  Except for my own Sarge who is 3rd, second row, I have no idea what these pets are named.  I do remember the little girl on the bottom because she is a niece of mine, isn't she a doll? 

So, gearing up for the busy Christmas Portrait season ahead, and looking back down memory lane at just a few of the precious faces I've been honored to capture in portrait.  Many of them were gifts, and I also remember the beautiful emails I've received from the recipients.  It's how I know for a fact that it's a most treasured gift and one they will love forever!  I am so honored to be a part of that exchange of love!  Robin

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