Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Postive Plan

I'm generally a very positive person.  I was born this way.  At my grandfather's funeral, I met his extended, out of town cousins who remembered my grandmother, who had died quite young, before my parents were even married.  They were surprised, and delighted, that I reminded them of "Anne", my grandmother I never met.  Both in appearance and in personality..."happy-go-lucky" is how they characterized her.

But we all know that everyone has two sides.  I am feeling like negatives have been pulling me down and away from my goals and achievements.

Selling sites that turn out to be more trouble than they are worth, weirdo politicians, extended family issues that I can't fix, minor illnesses that set you back a week, weather that keeps me from exercising...all seemed to get more attention from me lately than they deserve.  I'm not sure I believe directly in karma or "bad vibes" but I kinda do and feel like I've been robbing myself. 

If just for the time the downer things take away from positives, they definitely rob me of my momentum and it's my own fault.  I'm focusing on the negatives, leaving me spinning my wheels.  I keep catching myself wanting to warn sellers about a shady online site., for instance...but how does that help me?  Sounds selfish and it is.  But I'M not the one being shady! 

So, here's to sending out those "positive vibes", and using my time more wisely.  I'm going to try very hard to catch myself and turn away from even TALKING negative for a while.

So I'm resolving to put on the blinders of things that are dragging me down and using my time and focusing on making the world (okay....MY world) a better place for me.  Join me?

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