Monday, January 30, 2012

Tabby Cat Portrait, love those green eyes?

Tabby cat custom portrait I recently completed for a really happy client!  Love how she is looking right at me, I did her eyes early on, so she stared at me the whole time.

Since this pretty cat's portrait is so close up and personal, lots of individual fur hairs show.  Usually, my work is more painterly, with blocks of color rather than fur by fur.  And most of this is that way, too, but it wouldn't have looked right from this distance to NOT have a sprinkling of individual fur.

Now you may be wondering what Sarge, my boxer puppy, thinks about kitties.  He's actually only got one in his life, Dr. Fitz, who he gets to visit from time to time.  He's just curious, wants to play, but Dr Fitz has other ideas and leaves the room or jumps up high.

Dr. Fitz lives with Sarge's half brother, Hoss, also a boxer puppy...a so called black boxer... and Hoss and the good doctor get alone fine.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I'll have more pet portraits and art to show and tell soon!  Robin


Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous eyes :D and very soft looking kitty

Sky always chases cats :/ Don't think she would kill/hurt one, but because the are so fast moving she gives chase, but when she was younger she use to play with them like she was a cat herself :p

Robin said...

That's adorable! Sarge is interested but doesn't see them as prey. His half brother, Hoss, lives with Dr. Fitz, a real furball, and they do play together. Of course, the good Doctor can simply jump out of the way when he's had enough!