Thursday, December 16, 2010

A painting a day ... old idea but new challenge for me and probably not all dogs!

Those of you who are artists are probably bored with the notion of a painting a day, which was a fresh, fab idea a few years ago.  But I never jumped on board. (I miss all the good trends!)  I am busy with commissions and they do take a lot longer than a day.  I've been busy with other things, too and just have gotten off track with art.

Two things I'm doing artwise in 2011 - I'm going to life drawing classes on a regular basis with a pal, which will motivate me to show up (after all, with lunch in Center City Philly an after class reward, who can resist?). 

The other is that I've accepted a challenge from a fellow Etsy artist, a craft/painting a day in January, 2011.  I'll post them for you to see here, so keep tuned.  Otto might make it from time to time, but I'm hoping to concentrate on still life.  And once a week, a life study!  Not tied to any medium, this is going to be a growth month for me!  More than anything, it will keep me organized and focused, I think.  I have several dog portrait commissions scheduled for January, so wasting time in forums, etc. will have to be cut to the bone!  (Pun intended, my fellow doggie lovers!)

Want to join in the challenge?  If you are an Etsian, hop on board.  Here's our coordinator's blog:

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