Sunday, January 9, 2011

My painting a Day commitment - one watercolor still life in 9 days, not very prolific!

My commitment was one a day and it's January 9 and this watercolor still life of lemons with a vintage tablecloth on a maple table with reflections is the only thing I've completed.

I had a feeling that weekends would be hard but thought I'd get it done during the week.  But on the way to Center City at a Mummers Day Party, I started sneezing and 8 days later am still subpar.

So that's my excuse. 

In addition, snow and taking down the Christmas decorations and my two vintage shops all ate my time.

I also have a great dog whose portrait I'm doing, but I'm not counting this as part of the daily challenge.

But I am encouraged!  This is my second try at watercolor and I see a lot of things I'd do differently, but there's plenty of still life objects in my house that I love...all vintage from the 1930s to 1960s.  I really want to be looser and quicker and fresh with my watercolor paintings and I feel like I've gotten a good start with it.


MAB said...

This is so colorful and beautiful. It counts if you paint every day!

dellartist said...

WOW! This is only your second try at watercolor? It is amazing. No matter how long it took, your "painting a day" is definitely a sucess

Angela Finney said...

Wonderful watercolor painting! Can't believe you have not done more watercolor.

Robin said...

Oh, you guys are totally inspiring me! Right now I am devoting as much time as I can to getting my vintage and my art truly organized but will be painting more soon!