Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ilsa's Portrait - German Shorthaired Pointer

Here's Ilsa, a german shorthaired pointer.  Ilsa is such a gorgeous girl, and was such a pleasure to draw! 

All artists talk about marketing and whether facebook is better than twitter or better than a blog or better than a mailing list, etc.  But the most common way I get new commissions is through word of mouth, and that's how Ilsa came my way.

My pet portraits are all over the world, literally, so it was a real treat to be able to delivery Ilsa's portrait in person! 

She lives a few blocks from my late grandparents-in-law old house just a few towns away and of course I had to drive past Nana and PopPop's to see the house and relive the many many happy memories from such wonderful people who were such an important influence in my life.  I will never be the woman Nana was, they just don't make them that way anymore! 

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