Saturday, July 17, 2010

German Shorthaired Pointer Pet Portrait

This German Shorthaired Pointer girl is so pretty and this portrait commission is so much fun that it's the perfect midsummer dog art project for me! 

This summer's record breaking heat robbed me of my favorite month of the year, and I just felt out of sorts and a little bored, trapped inside by the heat.  So a new breed for a commission is definitely what the doctor ordered, and Ilsa is the first German Shorthaired Pointer I've ever done.  Isn't she gorgeous?  I love the long face, the dark, dark brown fur, the spots and those ears!

And those eyes...what can I say?

I'm doing Ilsa's portrait full length, and she will by lying on the grass in front of a holly bush.  As I write this, I am about half way done, and haven't gotten to the fun part yet, just have my values and colors blocked in, the spots in all the right places, but no real details yet.

I'll show you when I finish and her portrait is received by her family, and hope you're having a fun summer!!  Robin


dellartist said...

Oh, what a beauty! I can't wait to see the portrait.

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