Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bidding War on my Puppy Dog Handpulled Woodblock Print!

I love to donate to rescues when I can, and the more portrait commissions I get, the more I can donate!  Oftentimes, though, I never hear back from the rescues once they receive the handpulled print or portrait donation.  Today I heard that THIS handpulled print of two puppies that were themselves rescues made BIG money for a fundraiser of the Delaware County SPCA recently.

There was a bidding war...and this print made $150 for the rescue!  Is that wonderful or what?  It makes me itchy to do another print soon. 

I've been busy with portrait commissions and with my new online vintage store.  I'll tell you even more about that in another post, but for you dog lovers like me, today I listed this adorable vintage poodle planter.

I just love that poodle-ish attitude with the smirky smile!  Here's where you can find him and our other finds of quirky vintage!

By the way, Christmas is just around the corner, if you are interested in a commission!!  My commission waiting list is already building, so contact me soon if you want to make sure you will be on my "guaranteed for Christmas" list.  Thanks for stopping by! Robin

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