Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gulf Coast - Artists Donate to Gulf Coast Relief, Me too!

You know I love animals, and that includes wildlife, not just pets.  Frankly, from the news reports I've seen, the White House has not done nearly enough to contain the oil and protect our wildlife, and the livelihoods of the folks who depend on a clean environment along the Coast.  They've squandered crucial days either playing politics or believing without question the amount of oil BP says is spurting into OUR WILDLIFE'S HOMES!

I mean, if someone crashed their car through your livingroom window, would you believe THEIR estimates without checking them out or wait til they got around to cleaning up the debris?  Whatever they ARE doing, clearly is NOT enough, our wildlife and their habitat is being destroyed every single minute, and evrery life and every inch is too important NOT to protect!

So, I believe that we as Americans need to take care of our own business and if the government isn't doing enough, we have to do it ourselves. 

What can you do?  Well, read on... I've joined the cool folks at (where I have two with my art, one where I sell super-cool vintage things) and have donated a $190 portrait of any subject, with all of it going to benefit two non-profits that are leaders of relief on the Gulf Coast, Oxfam America and the Audubon Society.  As of this writing, over 150 artists and crafters have donated items for sale to benefit the Gulf and support their efforts.  No profit to us, we are donating 100% of the sales to the Gulf Relief.

You can support the Gulf relief by purchasing from this collective, and remember, after fees, 100% of it goes to the relief effort.  No admin fees, the wonderful etsian Kate and her mom, along with other etsy volunteers, are doing all the admin work totally free to make every cent count.

So, if you've been wanting to buy a portrait of your pet or kid or house or whatever, if you want to get a start on Christmas shopping, you will not only get my best work, but you'll be helping the animals and folks in the Gulf.  If you're not interested in MY work (ok, how can that BE???), there's over 150 other items you can purchase, same deal.  All of us artists and crafters in the collective are paying for shipping and supplies out of our own pockets.

So c'mon, help out, tweet and facebook this page, and visit the Help The Gulf Shop, right here.  Search for me under "Art":

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Andrew Thornton said...

What a good and noble thing you and the other artists are doing! The scary thing is that this is just the beginning. It'll take decades for the full effect to be felt.

So, bravo to you for doing what you can!