Monday, May 10, 2010

Pitbull Portrait - A Beautiful Rescue Dog with Such an Expressive Face!

Here's a portrait of a pitbull dog, a commission from his super rescuer who fostered this guy as a gift for the forever home mom.  Now, how could anyone NOT love this face? But pitbulls do have a bad rep, and not always deserved!   I enjoyed working on him, with those soulful eyes just looking right back at me.  I love his coloring, don't you?    Now, this week in our local news, I read about a pitbull who was a hero, she stuck like glue to a 2 year old toddler who unlocked the front door and went wandering along a busy road.  The pit kept the child out of harms way while cars whizzed by, until someone finally saw him from his business across the street and scooped the baby up for safety.  But the baby WAS in "Nana's" care!  

What was interesting is that the newspaper didn't identify the pitbull as a pitbull.  She was an "Am Staff mix".  Uh, huh.  You can bet your bottom dollar if the dog had growled or bit, no matter how much or how little pit was in her, they would have had a headline "Pitbull attack".  But since THIS dog was a hero, it couldn't POSSIBLY be a pitbull, now could it?  :D

Oh, well, those of us who love pits and have them in our families know just how loyal and loving they can be with good raising.  Dogs are like children.  They have the potential for good AND evil, and while "nature" plays a part, "nuture", in the way of good parenting, makes the difference.  Children can be neglected and abused and uncared for and undisciplined and "turn out" wild and evil.  Same with dogs. The "bad" humans have guns, the "bad" dogs have teeth.  It makes just as much (or little) sense to hate kids because SOME of them, not raised properly, will turn out evil.  But whole communities want to ban pitbulls because of how THEY were NOT raised.  And look at this guy....he is a sweetheart!

Anyway, off my soapbox, as most of you know, my Otto is an 11 year old pitbull boxer mix, and if my community tried to ban pits, I would move in a heartbeat rather than give him up.  Of course, Otto is a fabulous ambassador for the breed, and our long daily walks give him lots of opportunity to prove how wonderful pitbulls are.  But more on that in another post.

Thanks for stopping by!  All my contact info is on the right and I hope you'll contact me soon if you are interested in a portrait of your OWN special dog!  I do portraits of humans, all animals, houses, and NOW, even Harley Davidsons.  I'll be showing you that portrait as soon as it's all done.


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