Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not a pet portrait...not a pet! An octopus.

I totally love this little piece I did of an octopus.  I researched their anatomy, spent a few hours designing it, then watercolor painted and inked it. All in all, I think I put in about 5 hours on this miniature piece.

Then I put him on ebay, sure he would get snatched right up, like my other tiny pieces were.  AND HE SAT!  It's so funny, sometimes the pieces we love the most...are the ones WE love the most!  Not necessarily anyone else!  It helps keep me humble, lol!
Update...he sold on ebay!


Jenna White said...

I think he's adorable, Robin...I know you'll find a good home for him! :)

Andrew Thornton said...

I think this is really fantastic! It's really charming. You know, sometimes the things we love and some really amazing work take time or the right moment to truly be recognized. I have no doubt though that this little treasure will be front and center stage.