Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ten Great Reasons to Decorate with Original Art!

Here's why I do!  I would never settle for posters of art, it's so worth it to have REAL art in my home!

1.  It's expressive and sets the tone for the room.  For me, that means...eclectic!  I love great pieces, from abstracts to figurative to landscapes to animal art and portraiture.
2.  A large piece is "heavy" enough to be the focal point of my room. 
3.  Nobody else has it.  It's a unique, almost living thing.   I feel as though the artist is communicating with me.
4.  I build an interesting collection of small pieces that have a something in common..color, subject, genre.  I love animal art and handpulled original prints especially and am always on the lookout for something wonderful. 
5.  It's not just "wallpaper in a frame" that is just...there...original art speaks, my guests and family see my art.
6.  I learn from it. As an artist, I see things in person with art that isn't possible with a reproduction...texture, and nuances that are so subtle but so effective.
7.  I use it to tie in my textiles and other accessories.
8.  It's fun to follow a real live artist's career.
9.  It will outlast my furniture, my rugs, my car...and won't end up in a garage sale.
10.  It's worth more than the frame...and could be worth a LOT more!...and one more...

It makes a statement about me, who I am and what makes me unique!  And I love it!!  What about you? 


Scott said...

Great! Always nice to see someone supporting abstract artists like my self.

Robin said...

I love good abstract art...good art of any kind!

Liz-Anna said...

I totally agree, Robin! That was one thing I had no problem letting go of when I was divorced...I couldn't get the expensive prints out the door fast enough.

Robin said...

Hi Liz! That's funny...even faster than....HIM? :D