Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cat in a Lavender garden - 8 x 10 painting - Trying out Ebay

I have a some dog portrait commissions in the works (yay) and am busy getting ready to show my other pieces in real life.  I painted this gray cat in acrylics and added the lavender garden in the background.  So I call this "Lavender".

I just put him up to bid on ebay.  I used to sell my tiny 2.5"x3.5" aceos there and did really well.  I sold some for over $60, which I was really pleased with.  But I let that go when I had to go back to work 3 years ago and now my "following" is all gone! 

So, I'm starting from scratch and that means starting wayyy low.   I am trying to have a piece for art for sale every day there, avoiding the days I'll be showing this in public.  So if he doesn't sell, I have another piece to bring with me.

I'm going to try the Golden Nugget Antiques Flea Market in Lamberton, NJ, across the Delaware River from New Hope.  I hear there's lots of nice art for sale there and I'm hoping to check that out next week.

Meanwhile, I see lots of "daily painters" and others on ebay whose work is quite good.  Not my subject matter, I personally wouldn't buy a painting of a donut or a cup of coffee, but I've seen pieces like that end up selling in 3 figures!  So, I think I'm in good company if I keep my head down and work and get enough pieces so I don't fall off the map again!  It's hard today, the weather here is approaching 70, I'm in shorts and a tshirt and planting peas in between everything else! 

If you'd like, you can see art on ebay, my art listings can always be searched by typing rzzart.  Or you can just go click that blue link!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me.  You know I Robinlove comments, and would love to see you become a follower here and a fan on my facebook page

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