Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Golden Retriver Painting for the Delaware Humane Society in Wilmington

Two things I love to do:  Help pet rescues and paint!  I painted this one in acylics on a 16 x 20 canvas and call it "Making the Rounds".  He reminds me of Otto checking the perimeter of his yard in the mornings..and he always stops and smells the roses...or daisies!
He's the only piece of art that will be raffled off to benefit the Delaware Humane Society Bark Louder Happy Hour this week.
I receive a lot of requests to donate art from rescues all over the country and usually will send a handpulled print for their auction/raffle but when I got this request, being close to home and I was in slow period, I felt like, what the heck?  Paint does no good for anyone sitting in a tube!

I'd be happy to REALLY help rescues make some donating a decent percentage of portrait commissions they obtain or by listing an original on ebay for auction for them.

Anyway, about this painting, the photo that was my reference was from a copyright free offering and it just struck my fancy.  I really enjoyed exploring in paint the myriad of colors in a golden's fur.  Now, I've "painted" tons of goldens in colored pencil, so I know it, but mixing paint rather than choosing a premixed pigment is a different...animal!  Some U-turns! 

A new thing for me with this one was using Golden Open Acrylics.  I don't like them "straight" ...too long to dry ... but I bought a few to mix in with other fast dry acrylics and it's the best of both worlds.  The only reason I am not painting in oils is the drying time, I like to paint and get it out the door.  Can't wait 6 months to varnish.  So I think acylics must suit my impatient personality!  The big drawback with acrylics is when I forget a brush.  You know how it is if you're an kind of zone out while working...and if I don't zone back in, I can forget a brush I used and there's not hope once acrylics dry on it!

I am LOVING my new studio space in my home.  It's got better light, is larger, and has more of a view for Otto, my studio dog...I mean...supervisor!! :D  More organized with separate stations...a painting station, a drawing station, a printing station, etc.  Don't have to move things around to do different kinds of art!

I'm artist Robin Zebley, best known for my pet portraits.  Also offering portraits of children and prints, paintings and drawings of all kinds of animals.  To see what's new and where it's for sale, come visit my facebook fan page:  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Robin


MitziMakes said...

How gorgeous! I love golden retrievers!

Any Old Time Vintage said...

thank you MitziMakes! There's a lot to love with Goldens!