Friday, January 1, 2010

This Is My Year! Because I say so...

I almost jumped out of bed this a.m., so many possibilities, a whole new decade.  A very very important year for me.  Either I have a steady supply of commissioned pet and children portraits by summer or...well, I will!  I am claiming this as my breakthrough year!

When I lost my day job in September, I had to scramble to get back onto my "art feet".  I worked very hard and accomplished a lot that I'm celebrating today.  They are the building blocks for this next decade.  In 2009, I:
  1. Took woodblock printing classes again to further upgrade my skills in this really fun medium;
  2. Took life drawing workshops, drawing is the foundation for my art, and I really want to network more with other artists in real life;
  3. Upgraded my website and worked hard to get the search engines to find me.  Went from zero to 45 on google searches for "pet portraits" in less than 12 weeks. 
  4. Signed up for google analytics and ads.  Both very helpful.  I can see, for instance, that now about 20 percent of the people finding my work are finding it via google searches!
  5. Started a Facebook Fan Page.  All set up but just barely utilizing the possibilities.  I want it to be fun, not dead serious and that will involve some giveaways.  But now have 66 fans and counting.
  6. Devised and worked a Christmas commissions marketing plan.  By the first week of November, I already had a waiting list and I'm still doing commissions that were ordered too late for Christmas.
  7. Became an accomplished Twitterer, resulting in commissions and finding new online friends, some of whom were kind enough to distribute my promo materials.
  8. Learning to paint in acrylics.
  9. Dipped my toe in the waters of email newsletters.  Did a test run with the least likely of my email contacts...people who inquired but never bought from me.  Was encouraging enough that I'm going to do them for real.
  10. Devised a way to help rescues that will benefit them and me.  No more giveaways, we'll partner for success.\
For 2010:

  1. Do local shows and maybe some Florida shows where I have a place to stay if I go.  Twofold purpose, sell noncommission work and market commissions.
  2. Paint larger pieces in acrylics for sale both online and at shows.
  3. Do woodcut prints that I hand paint after printing.  I love the look and the possibilities.
  4. Take classes at different venues.  Already signed up for one at Fleisher.
  5. Maybe enter competitions. 
  6. Upgrade my website again, now that I know what works.   
Those are the plans, now I have to work them.  I have to give myself the same dedication, effort and attention that I gave my former boss.  I have way more possibilities for growth, and now am making 2010 the year I really go for it!!  Wish me blessings, luck, white light, whatever positives you can?  Love, Robin

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