Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brittany Spaniels Pet Portrait - the dog whisperers?

I have been really busy with pet portrait commissions, but haven't kept up with posting them.  Here's one of my favorites recently, two older brittany spaniels who often seem to converse!  Very sweet dogs, very sweet client, who found me via twitter!  It's 16 x 20, prismacolor colored pencils on Mi Tientes pastel paper. 

Of course, I have to apologise again for my crummy photography skills!

In other news, my FB Fan Page is growing by leaps and bounds.  I really hope to make that a fun spot, with giveaways and penny auctions, etc.  I just don't think art has to be dead serious, you know? 


Robin said...


Anonymous said...

Robin -- this is absolutely beautiful and moving. I am curious about the photo you used -- did you take it? Did you meet the dogs? Did the dog owner have it?
Nikole (from WC)

Robin said...

Nikole, hi!! I used an array of photos, actually. The faces were one photo, had to get the chests and paws from other photos all taken by the client, plus the background which was taken from a photo I took in Chester County, PA, with clouds done "en plein aire", sorta...looking out of my studio window.