Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Discovering the Real Terri Stanley, Glass Artist

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...I was a stay at home mom, not a pet portrait artist.  My husband did some artwork; he was a sign painter and there were blurred boundries there before computers stepped in and drove him to another profession.  But I wasn't an artist.  I was a Mom.  I knew everything!..(or so my kids apparently thought...for a while, at least.)

What I didn't know was that lurking in a house down the street a little was another latent artist posing as a stay at home mom, Terri Stanley.  We were never close friends, but I always liked Terri.  We both moved out of that neighborhood, and recently reconnected via Facebook as "old neighbors" and shocked each other by finding out we had both transformed our lives and become artists.  Terri is a glass artist, and a blogger: Terri Stanley .  I've included some of her absolutely stunning work here.

Her pieces are huge!  It's so funny to me.  I never knew an artist hid behind that other Mommy on my street, and I suspect Terri was as surprised as I was.  I did know that Terri worked at a stained glass shop.  And I did some decorative painting for low end craft shows that I didn't really enjoy ... so confining and factory-like.  But that was dabbling.
So Terri reminds me of the biblical "angel walking among us".  Here we were...fellow travelers who had not yet really begun our journeys...and didn't even recognize we were looking for a similar path!  I realize how little I really knew of Terri...and that life after little ones for women can be deliciously unexpected!  I hope you enjoy Terri's work and encourage you to visit her site to see even more.  http://terristanley.blogspot.com/

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