Friday, August 7, 2009

Rabbit Woodcut Relief Print - Printmakers Exchanges

I am really excited that I joined up a printmakers' exchange recently that involves some really talented printmakers. Here's what we did: We each printed 19 handpulled relief prints. We sent them to a volunteer coordinator who collates them, which means in return, I'll get original prints from 19 other printmakers! Our theme was "Printmakers Gone Wild" and our interpretation of the "wilds" outdoors. I LOVE to decorate our home with original art, there's just nothing like having a one of a kind piece of art that nobody else does! With handpulled prints, all the prints are similar, but not identical. Each one has slight variations that make it totally unique!

Here's mine. I liked that the theme fit in with my series of urban wildlife. Rabbits are a constant in my garden...last year I hated them, this year I fenced the out of the veggie garden and like them much better! For wild things, they are incredibly fearless, they let me come so close before bounding off.

I carved this out by hand outof a 5.5" x 7.5" pine, printed on Japanese printmaking paper with oil inks. The paper is real soft and pliable. All the dark made for some pretty timeconsuming and tiring printing, since I do it all by hand the old fashioned way. I really thought about buying a press but you know, one of the things that really attracts me to printmaking is doing something modern and to the minute yet with a method that reaches back through time.

The carving was really fun, though. I had fun figuring out how to do the short little hairs on his head, then the longer fur on his body and finally the grass.

I printed extra, it's an open edition so I have some for sale! The paper itself is 8 x 10, so the border I left makes a perfect "mat" to fit an 8 x 10 frame. Or, for an even more dramatic presentation, an 11 x 14 frame with an 8 x 10 mat, all standard sizes. Just email me if you're interested in purchasing one, they will be signed by me, titled "Rabbit". Price is $15, unframed, with  $1 shipping.  Original art like this makes a fantastic Christmas gift!   To purchase, just email me HERE.  Thanks so much, and enjoy! Robin

I'm artist Robin Zebley. My portrait site is If you'd like to see my whole blog, click on the banner at the top. And I'd love you to follow my blog, click to the left. Know someone who loves animals? Please pass my info on! I depend on word of mouth, and truly appreciate all of the wonderful people who have helped me in this way! Robin


Pink Quartz Minerals said...

Wow, wonderful work!

Robin said...

Thanks so much Pinkie!!! You have made my day!! (And it's Saturday, so that's saying a lot!!) :D Robin

wishwithme said...

Awesome :D

Robin said...

Wishwithme, thank you sooo much! Robin

MAB said...

That is so lovely, wow!

Robin said...

MAB Jewelry, thanks!!

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