Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boycott the Eagles and their Sponsors - for Dogs' Sake

I hope you'll join me in boycotting the sponsors of the Eagles...and the Eagles...for hiring dog torturer/killer Michael Vick. Here is a link to the sponsors (Eagles removed their corporate sponsor list to make it harder for us). Here's a list:

And here's what I'm tweeting all these companies: Hey @Companyname, let me know when you stop sponsoring the Eagles, not buying Snapple til they fire dog killer Michael Vick. #Eagles Boycott

Tweet the #Eagles Boycott to help make it trend. This is just about the only recourse we dog lovers have to send a message that a "second chance" to be an entertainment star in our living rooms should never go to a man who hung dogs, drowned dogs with his own hands and electrocuted them with jumper cables.

"In America we believe in second chances". Yeah? None of the dogs he tortured to death got a second chance.

"He paid his debt to society". No, he did his jail time.

"We need to forgive him". Forgiving and rewarding getting out of jail with a plum job that by its nature makes him a role model are two different things. When someone does something evil, like he did for years, some doors should close. FOREVER. Someone who tortures the innocent does not belong in my living room...he makes me sick.

Instead of a message that "he did evil and ruined his career", the Eagles send the message "when someone gets caught doing evil, they just have to sit in jail for a while and then they can get one of the best jobs in the world back". Cause we think we can make more $$$$ with Michael Vick than without. THe repercussions for DOING EVIL TO INNOCENTS should be the forever dead dogs he killed.

Shame on the Eagles and I hope their sponsors will step up and send a message that dog killing is not forgivable after a little jail time.

Sorry for the rant, it's just so upsetting that some think that 2 years of jail makes up for the life of an innocent dog, much less MANY innocent dogs.


Pam Ernest said...

My mother just decided to purchase a digital camera- I urged her to not go to Best Buy -a corporate sponsor of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I will not be puchasing any Pepsi, Dunkin Donuts or Anheiser Busch products etc etc.

I have emailed most of these companies.

The dog in this video has more empathy than Michael Vick..Vick attended his empathy class high on marijuana (he was tested that day)

Anonymous said...

Get a life guys.

Pam Ernest said...

Dear Anonymous:

I can't afford a life. I received a huge paycut this year while Michael Vick is being showered with millions$$$$ by the National Felon League...

Pam Ernest said...

...and, oh yeah, my dogs ARE MY LIFE!!!

Robin said...

Pamela and Pam, thanks for your support.

Anonymous, Animals...and not wanting to have them tortured...are important to most of people.

Altered Beauty said...

Robin: Thank you so much for posting this important information. I appreciate it.
Anonymous: Really? You are the who has the time to come and post rude comments on people's blogs without even having the courage or decency to reveal your name. Maybe you should be the one getting a life. I don't personally believe that standing up for animal rights and not wanting to support torturers and felons is indicative of not having a life.

Patti said...

I'm with you 100% I'm sick of being told I "have to forgive" him. My myself is "I don't have to do anything."

What should be said is: Vick should EARN my forgiveness. So far, no one seems a bit concerned about earning my forgiveness. They just want me to pretend nothing happened now that he's out of jail. Forgiveness & trust must be earned through honest effort and sincere regret. They shouldn't be handed out so freely. It cheapens their value.

I can't help but feel that our public sports arenas have turned into a den of thieves, thugs, and bullies... all in the name of profit and entertainment. If that is what sports are about, it's disgraceful. I think a teammate could publicly beat his wife in the field and still be cheered on as a hero... so long as the team won.

What cost is our "winnings?"

When did it become okay to be a gun-totting, street-brawling, gambling, drug addict person... and still be called a role model for children? (And no, I'm not lumping all of that on Vick. I'm generalizing several people who've made the new lately)

My last point! Pete Rose was punished for gambling. But Vick wasn't. Let's not forget that at the heart of the dog abuse was dog fights... a gambling enterprise.

Hierocracy reigns. So does shallow winnings. It seems nothing matter so long as we get a trophy out of it.

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