Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Many Hats of THIS artist!

Yesterday I spent the day trying to update my VERY dated website. Here's the result: Still have some image issues but this took me ALL DAY! Which frankly is why I put it off for so long. I like the crisp organization and the focus on the portraits.

But to "be" an artist sure means a lot of things other than making art, unless you have the dough to hire someone else to do the "other" things:

- Website Design
- Writer
- Marketing
- Public relations
- Procurement
- Shipping
- Photographer
- Newsletter list organizer
- Studio Cleaner
- Sales clerk

Some artists claim the above list takes the same amount of time that the actual artwork takes. It's not what we signed up for!!! I want to create dog portraits!

I also struggled this week to learn some photoshopping so I could put together a bookmark that features my dog portraits with dog quotes. I wanted something for the many rescues who ask me for help, it's a small item that they can include as giveaways for fundraisers. I shopped this week for cardstock and inks, and coordinating ribbon to lace through. Then, I had to do the photoshopping. Whew!

I'll show you my bookmarks after I get them all printed out and ribboned up.

So that's where I've been..a webmaster/photoshopper/cutter outer and ribbon lacer. Hopefully, today I'll get to be an animal artist again!! Robin

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Jennifer Rose said...

it is a never list of jobs that we are artists have to deal with. Lots of multi tasking :)

your site looks good, very professional.

Robin said...

Thanks! Still have work to do on it, but I can't even think about it anymore!!