Sunday, August 2, 2009

More on Vermont and Adrirondacks Vacation

Still getting back to the real world after our vacation. We three love road trips so we drove north using small old roads going through old towns and rural and woodsy stretches. Otto had his nose going a mile a minute.

Two things we noticed that were really interesting...the more north we went, the more beautiful the gardens got! Maybe because the flower growing season is so short? But it seemed EVERY town we went through, each outdid themselves! They were about a week behind us and so the daylilies were absolutley at their peak. As a daylily lover, I really enjoyed seeing the unusual cultivars, and how everyone used the ubiquitous orange road lily to brighten some part of their front yard garden!

The porches were gorgeous with hanging planters, too. Some small towns really did those up big with huge planters filled with flowers hanging from every lamp post. It seemed so catchy, the more flowers the town had, the more the businesses did. It somehow made modest sandwich shops look quaint and must-stop here-ish!

The other thing we noticed, John having been a sign painter years ago, was how many gorgeous hand painted signs there were! These were so much more enticing that the inexpensive, merely identification signs, of computer generated and cut out vinyl! Many many hand carved, hand painted, with lush colors and eye catching appeal. They ADDED SO MUCH to the "curb appeal" of the shops, and told a story in a second that made you want to hit your brakes and go in.

We went out to dinner with our cousins in Vermont and assumed they were taking us there by the scenic view. But it seems every view in western Vermont is scenic! With the Green Mountains as a backdrop, every little farm and the grazing cows begged to be turned into a landscape painting! Same with the mountain drives in New York.

When we camped on Lake Champlain, the wildflowers blew in the breeze serenaded all day by the multitudes of birds. We took a very early morning hike, and the little islands of pines surrounded in the morning mist were a woodcut printer's dream. Except I forgot my camera! We vowed to go back the next morning, but that's when we got rained out.

It's funny when you vacation as an artist. It's hard NOT to see a painting or drawing everywhere you look! Here's Otto enjoying the Adirondacks. Be back soon with my latest woodcut print, this one of a rabbit.

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Dr. Annmarie Edwards said...

Hello Robin,
I love your animal pictures. I have a doggie too.

Robin said...

Thanks, Mrs. Laughing Pants! And welcome to my blog! Hope you visit often! Robin