Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation! "Dog Friendly" lodgings

We just got back from a fabulous vacation in the Adirondacks with Otto, and one of the highlights was discovering a cute, snug place to stay that's not only tolerates dogs, but loves them!

We were camping in Vermont when it started to rain, and decided to pack it up and get a room. We crossed over Lake Champlain on the Ticonderoga ferry and went in search of a room that allowed dogs. No. No. No. No. I never dreamed how hard it could be to find a place that allowed dogs! We almost gave up and drove home! It was almost dark, raining and we spied The Pine Tree Motel and Cottages on Route 8 in Chestertown, NY. What a little gem! Not only did they ALLOW dogs, they welcomed Otto!

We three stayed in this adorable cottage decorated so cute with handmade "cabiny" curtains and comforter with knotty pine walls and handmade lamps. I actually prefer camping most times because of the filthy motels and hotels I've stayed in for business and pleasure, but this place was downright pristine. The owner, Norleen, who after 5 minutes feels like a favorite cousin, actually line dries the sheets! Norleen has kept the essence of an old timey cabin but with all the modern conveniences, air conditioning, REAL comfy beds, embroidered blankets. Just fabulous.

Now the best part for Otto was meeting Norleen's dog, the canine hostess of the Pine Tree, Knotty. Knotty is the perfect hostess for well behaved guest dogs, she is friendly and playful but keeps to the area they should stay in, so an obedient dog like Otto can romp with her off leash for a while.

I think anyone without dogs would hardly be aware of the presence of guest dogs. Knotty is not a barker, and like I said, she is very well mannered and obedient and sets a great example. There's plenty of room for man and beast to relax. In fact, our one night stay turned into two, we enjoyed the hospitality, setting, and adorable cottage so much, it was a great "base camp" for 2 days. I understand from the other guests that once you stay at the Pine Tree, you're likely to come back, they've been coming back every year for years! Here's their link:

I hope to see more on the web from folks who find a place that's GOOD to stay with dogs, not just "permitted". And again, what a pleasure to be in such a clean, clean cabin, with such friendly and helpful hosts!

And did I get any dog portraits done while on my Adirondack/Vermont vacation? Absolutely not! I didn't even bring a pencil to draw with. Now back home, I can't wait to get back to work, but I just wanted to totally relax and I've taken 3 weeks off from art. We artists need to take a break sometimes to recharge our batteries!

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Jennifer Rose said...

sounds like a great place! when we moved across Canada with a dog and a cat, all the hotels we stayed in only let us have the smoking rooms which were always gross :/ a well behaved dog will not do as much damage as a person who smokes can do

feltonthefly said...

What a great testimonial! That place sounds terrific. Isn't it great when you meet people who are kind and thoughtful? Glad you had such a wonderful experience there.

Robin said...

Thanks Jen and Felt on the Fly! THere's a big difference between tolerating dogs and welcoming them. We are the type of people who enjoy watching Otto enjoy himself, and the cuteness and cleanliness were just bonuses!

Felt, welcome to my blog! Hope to see you often!

Jen Whitewing said...

Hi Robin!

My name is Jennifer, I am Bert & Norleen's youngest daughter. This is an AMAZING post & I have to say I agree with everything you say!! I got married there, where the arbor stands & after the reception we came back & hung out by the bonfire! What a peaceful, loving place. Thank you for taking the time to post this!!

Robin said...

Hi Jennifer! I forgot to mention the bonfires, which I heard about but didn't get to experience. Our first night, as I said, it was POURING rain, and our second night at the Pine Tree Motel, we had driven up to Vermont to have dinner with family and came "home" too late.

I hear from the other friendly guests that Bert and Norleen host a fun bonfire in the back of the cottages. We can't wait to go back!

I didn't get to meet your dad but your mom is SOOOOO neat! She sincerely makes you feel that she is there to help you have the kind of vacation experience you want to have.

Every little detail was so thoughtful...

Unknown said...

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