Saturday, February 14, 2009

Open Studio Night at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Last night was a special Friday night, we again attended the open studio tour at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It's so much fun to see what's new and the amazing creativity of young artists! Like every year, I never get to see it all, I end up chatting too much and miss whole floors of studios.

At the Academy (the oldest continuously running art school in the United States), they train in a rigourous, very traditional way...drawing from casts, then live models from a fabulous faculty. The final two years, the students get their own private studios and use their training to go in their own unique, expressive direction, culminating in a really good show in May. The open studio is just a taste of what they're working on and is more informal than the show in May.

So I got inspired all over again! It's always so invigorating to be among the body of artists, touching base with folks you know, meeting those who are joining us to create something that never existed before...a new piece of art.

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