Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art Blog Award!

I'm so honored to receive this art blog award from Jenna, who blogs here! It's great and SO encouraging to know other artists read and enjoy your blog, isn't it??

There's 2 things that go along with this is to name 7 things you love, and the other is to pass this award along to other artists. I'm going to do the easy one first, 7 things I love. I might not get to the passing along part for a few days...

Of course, besides the PEOPLE I are a few things that make me feel really great..

1. Walking in the garden, poking aside leaves and looking for signs of God's creation coming alive again! Spring ALMOST makes winter worthwhile!
2. The magic of printmaking! I love pulling that print, it's really such a fun experience!
3. The internet. I enjoy making friends, reconnecting with old friends, learning something new, getting inspired.
4. Artists. I love the notion of creating something that wasn't here in this world before.
5. Laughter. Looking and laughing at the comical part of life doesn't mean you don't recognize the darker side. It just helps me cope with it.
6. Road trips. Longer the better. With lots of stops on the way.
7. Ice cream, Hershey bars, french fries, wings, ribs, crisp cookies, fried chicken. Etc. I'm hoping and waiting for nutritionists to tell us that all of the above are GOOD for you and will make me skinny, energetic and healthy.
8. Like I said, I love laughter. Go ahead and laugh at #7!

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