Monday, December 15, 2008

Dogsitting, Otto and Art

This weekend we got to dog sit Otto's best friend, Chloe, who is a chocolate lab. Chloe is perfectly mannered, and was a little anxious about where her humans were, but settled down nicely after a while. Don't tell, John taught her how to retriever a biscuit from between his teeth!

What was funny was watching the two of them looking like they were doing a demonstation of "Who's Top Dog?" While there was plenty of play fighting going on, they were almost textbook in the dominant/submissive thing. And I don't think Otto ever really relaxed while she was here. He had to make sure she didn't sneak in any Top Dog favors!

It makes me rethink letting Otto be an "only dog". We lost our Gussie a year ago, and she hadn't been much company for him in her last, elderly years. But then, I think of how I have to be away so much now...I just wish I could be home more. Later on, when I have more art for sale, maybe that dream can come true!!

Meanwhile, I was too lazy to upload my finished woodcut print of the sheep. But I will. I am letting my 5 animal portrait rest for a few days. Somehow, if I don't look at it for a few days, glaring little details pop up at me that will improve. So, almost done there, and then I can finish up on some pieces I have started but not finished!

I guess I'm like every other artist and artisan...lots of current projects that don't all get done!

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Cat-in-a-Box said...

Robin - we are having a similar conundrum. Our two are 12 and 13 - the 12 year old thinks she's two and our poor, old man can't keep up with her. We've got the time now (for the first time in a decade) but no longer enough space for more than 2 big dogs. Figures, eh?

Otto sounds well socialized - I'm sure if he had a housemate they'd figure out a permanent hierarchy then everyone would be fine.

Dogs have a way of finding you when they need you though - so we take the road of being open and keeping an eye out.