Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Pause

Back to the real world! Christmas is such a fun time of year, but there's a strangeness too, whatever you were up to...just gets put on hold, doesn't it? The best part, of course, is pausing to be with...and appreciate...those we love the most. (And yes, Otto did wear his Santa Patrol hat for the special day!)

Everyone complains about the gift giving...about the money, the time, the commercialism of it...but I think gift giving is an essential part of Christmas. It reminds us of the gift God gave to the world, the perfect love of Jesus that we try and fail to emulate.

Good gift giving definitely shows love. It's so wonderful to receive a gift that was well thought out and fits the recipient. This year, I received a beautiful quality bag to be my art studio on the go! Complete with some organizers, I can work on the train or at lunch completely organized and protecting my art. Didn't ask for it, so it was a perfect observation and thought about what I'd like and needed that I didn't even know. Now that's love.

I also received several collage type frames to frame a collection of colored pencil drawings I received from a group of cp artists to thank me for organizing a secret art exchange last summer. I've been wanting to put them up, but have been so busy, and these beautiful frames will tie them all together.

Also received binoculars! I love nature, and we live about a mile due north of a wildlife sanctuary, so often get some visitors in our backyard who fly in from all over. I love to sit outside on a warm spring morning and watch birds who just stopped in for a while, and of course the binoculars will make that an even more enjoyable experience!

Also received cash and gift certificates for art supplies, yay! And a fabulous gift from my wonderful mother and father in law from Florida who called a favorite, local restaurant and got them to send them a gift cert for a great meal out!

So I finish this year feeling very loved. I hope you do, too!


Angela Finney said...

Beautiful post. Sounds like you received some very nice gifts, which reflected the love in your life very well. Angela

Robin said...

Angela, thanks so much for the nice comment. Hope your life is also full of love!