Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orange still life colored pencil on pastelboard

Well, if it's still out in the Florida breeze, is it a still life?

Well, whatever. Here's the little (3.5" x 5") colored pencil drawing/painting on a new support I"m trying out, pastelboard. I love the sturdiness of it! I think next time I'll sand it a little to give it a bit less tooth. It was a little difficult to brush the color into the "lowlands" keeping the colors separated, but doable. On a normal sized piece that will be easy. I like how you can get put lights right over the darks, that will be so much easier on portraits for things like whiskers.

It does eat the pencils..but I think I"m going for the sanded surface now, it eliminates so much of the tedious first layers just establishing some color to get to do the real detail work.


Jennifer Rose said...

hmm still life or landscape? hard to say :

This looks great, nice colours. Can't get pastelboard here :/ but I love seeing what people do with it. Looking forward to more of your work with it :)

Robin said...

Thanks Jennifer!! I don't know how long it's been around here, either.

Thanks for the encouragement!!