Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunlit squirrel amongst the branches - in colored pencil

Otto loves his squirrels...or loves to chase them. Funny, he doesn't seem to notice them when we're out walking, it's only the ones in his yard he's concerned about! What about your dog?

And up in my studio where I look out to the sycamore branches, I see these friendly little fellows looking in at me!

This little fellow was drawn/painted on warm brown colorfix with prismacolor professional colored pencils. I again used the technique of blocking in the local color, brushing that into the pores of the colorfix with a bristle brush, then going for detail in the values and colors of each passage.

I gave him lots of blue sky, and if you look closely, you can see that I reflected a bit of that blue on the branches, his fur, even the twinkle in his eye! This piece is 4" x 4", and will shortly be for sale in my ArtAndAnimals Gallery store and on etsy. If you'd like "first dibs", just sent me an email. (robinzebley@gmail.com).

If this is your first time visiting my blog, please look around! Past posts include a woodblock printing demonstration, lots of explanations on how to draw/paint animals in colored pencils, and stories behind some of the commissions I have done.

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Jennifer Rose said...

Our Rottie would try to chase the squirrels but we tried our best to keep him away from them. We were not sure if he just wanted to play or wanted to eat one :p

Nice artwork of a squirrel. He looks very cute.

Robin said...

Thanks, Jen! We have a lot of trees so there's lots of escape routes!

And frankly, I think they like to "mess wit' him!"