Friday, October 31, 2008

Dog is "Top Dog" at World Series Parade - Pat Burrell's Elvis

Did you see it? Pat Burrell's dog, Elvis, got the honor of riding on the carriage pulled by Clydesdales through the throng of millions of cheering fans celebrating the World Series in center city Philadelphia and down Broad Street! Oh, yeah, his human, Pat Burrell, got to ride, too.

Love it! Love someone who brings his dog to share such a special day!

I'd show you a photo, I was SUPPOSED to BE at the World Series parade, since it went a half a block from my office in center city Philadelphia...but the public transportation system didn't live up to the chore and I was abandoned at my home train station, 4 hours before the parade even started. Septa stinks. Boo!!!!!!! (Got to make some art, though)

If anyone out there has a photo of Elvis, I'd love to share it here on my blog!

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Wendy said...

Elvis was very well behaved too. My dogs would have run for cover when they set off the fireworks after the speeches but Elvis didn't mind at all. It really was great that Pat shared his special day with his best friend.

Robin said...

Yes! My Otto the pitbull hates fireworks. I really think Elvis thought the parade was for him...and he let Pat tag along!

Robin said...

Do you know this is the most often visited page on my blog, even this far after the season?

Stop by often! I update often about art...and animals! Robin