Sunday, September 7, 2008

Phillies, Eagles and the Organized Art Studio

Yesterday we were stuck inside with Hanna's all day rain (which we needed!), and I got started on a pretty big project...reorganizing my art studio. I really needed to not only clean it, but reconfigure it for woodcut relief printing. I have several blocks cut, but needed a dedicated spot for this relatively messy work.

Found filed away some pieces I've done but haven't done anything with...some cool acrylics and colored pencil pieces that I've done over the past year, prepping for small shows this fall or put them up for sale online. Hmmm..mulling that over. I used to do ebay but that's gotten expensive and some say hostile to artists in the last year. Here's one, an 8 x 10 acrylic and colored pencil horse painting.

So what do Philadelphia sports teams have to do with all this? Plenty! I love sports and am still working on my studio and here smack in the afternoon both the Eagles are playing St. Louis and the Phillies are playing an important game against the Mets! I could "listen", but besides taking this break to blog, we've been switching between channels!

So to my fellow Philadelphians, hey, I know you understand. To the art world who think I'm's my excuse: Philadelphia sports teams teach us hope and faith and keepin' on. THIS YEAR it will happen! Here's to the fully optimized studio...well, if not this year... :D

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