Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chadds Ford French bulldog pitbull mix - What would Andrew Wyeth think?

Isn't she an adorable dog? I almost didn't get this commission because I was EMBARRASSED to advertise in Chadds Ford, even though it's near my home.

As you artists and Wyeth lovers know, Chadds Ford, PA is home to the famous painters, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. Jamie Wyeth, especially, since he paints dogs also. I have little flyers that I put up in vets and groomer's offices, but I was hesitant to put them up in Chadds Ford. What if the Wyeths saw it!

Well, I talked myself into it, and Chadds Ford is one of my busiest areas! I've been honored to do a lot of dog portraits for folks living in the area. And I've since realized that real artists encourage other artists even if their style is not the same or their name isn't famous.

I have no idea if any Wyeth ever saw my flyer or know if I exist, but if they do, I'd like to say "hi" to fellow artists and tell them that I love their work!

If you're a vet or a dog groomer or own a dog day care and would like some of my flyers, give me a holler. I'd be glad to put some in the mail for you!
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Deb said...

Your work is beautiful! I've enjoyed your blog.

Robin said...

Deb, thank you so much! I hope you'll visit often!