Friday, September 12, 2008

Natural Bridge, VA - A Hike, A Dog, and Fellow Tourists!

Last week on vacation, we went to see the Natural Bridge. Although you could get there...almost tour bus, we of course had Otto with us, so took the "long way" round! What a beautiful hike! You have to pay to see this natural wonder, but the trail is pretty, and beside the main event, there's little waterfalls, big rocks and parts deep enough to throw sticks for any "bull mastiff boxer mix turned pitbull!"

It's also an easy downhill, shady walk, with lots of benches and places to sit. Found out on the way back why that is...the nice easy downhill turned, er...challenging on the way back up! And Otto was having so much fun splashing, fetching and swimming that we hung out all morning. By the time we were going back uphill, well, it was noon and not so shady anymore!
We met lots of neat folks on our little hike, in particular a young couple from Cleveland who just loved Otto. We're always hearing it from people who meet our gregarious's not the's the people who "own" them. We must be wonderful people then, LOL, because Otto is the best!!

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