Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pet Portrait Paintings from my Portfolio, Double Trouble!

It's been awhile since I posted new Pet Portrait Paintings!  I had an incredible Christmas season, and am only catching my breath on my wait list!  While they are drying and getting ready for detailing, I thought I'd share a few!  Let's call this collection "Double Trouble!"

Starting with two cute scruffy dogs!  They are fun to paint but take a lot of layers.

Pet Portrait Family Photo
And here's a golden retriever with his little pal, love the expressive eyes!

Golden Retriever and Pal Oil Painting
And finally today, Black and Tan.  No, not a beer cocktail!  Two siblings hanging out on the couch!

Oil Painting by Philadelphia Pet Portrait Artist Robin Zebley

More Pet Portrait Oil Paintings by me, Robin Zebley, here at my Portrait Site,  

Thanks for stopping by!  Robin

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SketchGrowl Pet Portraits said...

You're such a talented pet portrait artist, Robin! Really. Keep up the good work, and make sure you update your blog a lot more often. No update since 2017? Come on mate! :)