Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Pet Portraits, Painting Like Mad near Philadelphia, with tips for artists!

Happily, EVERYONE wants a pet portrait for a Christmas gift!  A lot of artists hate commissions and hate painting with a deadline, but I enjoy both.  I clear my decks for this busy time of the year, and am pretty methodical.  I stock my size canvases and paint, and have a lot in progress at a time, since I like to work from loose to detail in many layers.

I can't rush or cut corners on painting, but there's lots of things outside of the actual painting process to cut the fat.  For one, I buy fabulous, disposable brushes, I love the Robert Simmons line.  I also buy every "dog" and "cat" color rather than mix everything from scratch.  I use disposable palettes, so when I have to leave a painting to dry, I can easily scrape paint from old, messy palette to a new one for the next painting.

Custom Pet Portrait Philadelphia
I also try to finish up several the same day so we can gang up the shipping.  It really saves time to do that at the same time, since I don't have room for a dedicated wrapping/shipping space and have to use my dining room table and then put it all away again!

And REALLY important, I get enough sleep every night and walk Sarge, my boxer dog, every day, and eat carefully to keep my energy high!

I'm pet portrait artist, Robin Zebley.  Lots of samples of my custom pet portraits can be seen at  Or send me an email

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