Friday, August 5, 2016

Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Portrait Painting

As a dog portrait painter, I enjoy learning more about the unusual breeds I paint.  Since I have gotten lots of orders for custom portraits of Wire Haired Pointing Griffons, I found out a lot about them!
Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Portrait Painting
I know they are hunting dogs but nowadays most dog owners aren't hunters.  So their wonderful, friendly personality and easy training makes them beloved.  And they are so great for the athletic owner who wants a pal to join in on the activity!  They absolutely adore the water and are super swimmers.

They are great family dogs!  They love their humans so much, and speaking of humans.....

They have incredible, human like eyes!

Here's more about them from the AKC:

I have lots more portraits from my portfolio here at .  And in my etsy shop,  Stop by!  Robin

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