Saturday, August 13, 2016

Goldendoodle portrait painting

Goldendoodle Portrait Painting
A goldendoodle is one of the dogs in our family "pack".  My son's dog, Bailey is a Goldendoodle and she spends a lot of time here as my son travels a bit for work. Plus we just love her to death.  She's a fun contrast to Sarge, especially in the back yard, where she is always on alert for critters invading our space.  

Sarge the boxer, as you might know, loves all the creatures he shares the space with.  He looks at bunnies and almost smiles.  Bailey, on the other hand, seems to think she's protecting those she loves from those dastardly rabbits!

My husband often takes them to a wooded area near our home where deer also gather.  Bailey, who is normally a placid, obedient soul, turns into a wild thing when she sees the deer, she gives chase and there is no calling her back!

We love how Bailey is so friendly with children and every human being.  She doesn't get offended that Sarge sleeps on our bed and she sleeps on HER bed at the foot of it.  She's just a great dog to share time with.

So when I got a commission to paint this cute pair of Goldendoodles, I knew already that I'd be painting friendly faces from fabulous canine personalities.  And enjoyed every minute of it!

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