Friday, September 4, 2015

Painting Signs in Philadelphia

I haven't been blogging because I've been working! Usually August is very slow for me, but 2015 was fabulous.  I painted a variety of dogs, houses, kids, and wedding venues.

But the REAL exciting news for me is partnering with my husband to begin a sign painting business!

Sign Lettering for Philadelphia gallery

 I've been practicing lettering, but he's got deep roots in the sign business, from painting pictorial billboards and hand lettering everything from walls to glass doors back in the day.

We're thrilled to see that businesses are realizing that effective signs aren't just informational, but sell the business and what's inside if they are really, really good, we're really proud of how this contemporary sign turned!

And that they are so popular at weddings and for home decor, we're offering beautiful hand painted with pictures and will have samples soon.

Here's our first sign, we have a contract for wedding reception signs, and hope to do samples of home decor, English Pub Signs with pictorials, really, just everything handpainted and hand done!

I think this will fit in well with my portrait business, be related, spice up wedding receptions, be personal and decorative wall hangings for homes, and help businesses entice customers with top notch signs!  That's our goal, and I've got a ton, ton, ton of things to do!

If you're interested in a sign, just contact me here or call at 610-220-805three.  :) Robin 

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