Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eating Local!

Local Maryland Farm Stand Produce 
We travel from our home outside of Philadelphia to Annapolis to visit family pretty often.

We don't drive I-95 and dodge the Delaware and Maryland Tunnel tolls, but even better, we tack on 1/2 an hour and get the scenic view through farmland.

Yes, there's still gorgeous family farms between Philadelphia and Baltimore!

And a huge benefit is being able to stop and buy from the small farm stands that dot the roadside.

Here's the bounty from two of them.  Ripe today, eat today, and fun to see the actual patch where they all were growing hours before!

Not certified organic, but home grown without GMOs or pesticides.  And not one gallon of fuel was used to transport these from farm to end consumer, me!

The corn is like candy, seriously.  Didn't add a thing, no need to butter, salt or anything!

I'm Philadelphia area portrait artist, Robin Zebley.  You can see my work scattered through this blog about my art and life http://ArtandAnimals.blogspot.com and my site http://robinzebley.com.  Stop by!  Robin
Maryland peaches, zucchini, corn, tomatoes and peppers 

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