Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ebay vs. Etsy for Art, First Steps in Transition

Saluki Custom Portrait by me,
artist Robin Zebley
Today I'm beginning my first steps in my experiment in opening an Ebay store to see if it can pick up the slack that the nosedive in views at my Etsy shop.  More on that in this post about my Etsy views declining.

In order to make an Ebay store a better deal than just listing, I need more listings.

The Ebay rep I spoke with said I could convert my listings to my Ebay store when I was ready.  So my first step is to load my listings.

I have to work around my portrait commissions, but I get drying time since I use a pretty standard medium to paint, I dislike the look of the ones that speed things up.

So, don't have days to work on this project, but I do have hours. to work!  Have a great one, Robin.

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I'm Philadelphia area painter, Robin Zebley.  I paint custom pet portraits in oils and colored pencil, house portraits in watercolor and ink, and anything else that catches my eye!  I'm currently working on florals, still lifes and landscapes in between my commission work!

I would love if you'd help me by tweeting, pinning, or facebooking my work with a link to my site,  It really helps!  Thanks!!  Robin

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Unknown said...

That is a good idea. Hopefully it can supplement the decline of view in Etsy, or even surpass it in the long run. Though I hope that they figure out what’s wrong with their algorithm soon, or a lot of users will eventually be forced to find alternative ways to market their business. Anyway, good luck with your eBay venture!

Anthony Khoury @ Easy Dial Marketing