Friday, April 17, 2015

What is an ACEO or ATC and Who Collects These Art Cards

Custom Dog Portrait ACEO by me
 ACEOs and ATCs are collectible art cards the size of a baseball card and are a fun and pretty inexpensive way to acquire a fabulous art collection in miniature.  I've enjoyed drawing realistic portraits of collectors' pet dogs and cats in this size.  The difference between an ACEO and an ATC is, simply put, about money.

ATC stands for Art Trading Cards.  This is how the movement started, artists trading art among one another, not selling to each other.  Then the general public wanted to get in on the fun and ACEOs were born!

ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals.  They are meant to be bought and sold and most of them are completed works of little art before they are offered for sale.

I like to paint and draw these tiny works of art both to trade with artists I admire and to sell to folks who collect mine! I've sold them on and off for years and love to list them on Ebay with bidding wars!

 This guy is a memorial portrait of a beloved dog that had recently crossed the rainbow bridge.  As important as his precious face was to his mom, was the setting because it was a place he loved to hang, the rocks and the water.  And you can see it from his happy face!  If you'd like your own pet's portrait drawn in an ACEO size, just contact me with your photos and I'll invoice you via Paypal.  I charge $25.50 each.  More of my dog portraits are at and my Etsy pet portraits shop,

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