Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Custom Pet Portrait Painting in a Hurry, Little White Dog Oil PaintingCustom Pet, or How to Build a Crate for Art

Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting, Little White Dog, 16" x 20" on Canvas
"Can you paint a portrait of our dog and have it here in Texas in time for Christmas?"

That's the question I got a few weeks before Christmas.

"Please!!! We'll pay extra for shipping!"

Well, hmmmm.  My problem of course was time.  The cute doggy was a perfect subject!  My husband assured me that he would build a crate that would work with a still-wet painting.

So, I poured a cup of coffee, and started right in.  I had a ton of other commissions, so this was an overtime project, stay up late.  Well, I finished him up and then it was John's turn.

Here's what he did.  He nailed together a crate just a little larger with 1" x 4"s.  He added a strut to the back of the canvas, and drilled a hole in the middle slat of the crate.  He threaded wire around the strut and through the hole, tightened it up so that the painting would not shift a bit.  And then tacked over that masonite.  So the painting nestled with air all around, but unable to move, and no chance anything lighter than a garbage truck crashing on it would dent it.

Cardboard box cut from a Home Depot packing box, and lots of tape, and off the little fellow went.

He WAS wet when he arrived and his new owners and I had discussed what they had to do on their end!

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