Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Home, a Haven, my custom portrait of a house full of Love in Atlanta

House Portrait with Custom Pet Portraits of Cats
This is a story of a house portrait, custom cat portraits and a lot of love.  Every portrait I do, I kinda of just get immersed in, but this one was really special.

When I received the order for a portrait of this home, there were a lot of special details and I had the pleasure of getting to speak in depth with the human occupant!  What a lovely person!  Her home, you see, not only is her sanctuary, but is a haven for lots and lots of cats, one feral!

And a centerpiece for her pretty flower gardens, which included a bird feeder for the wild birds who come to call at a place full of love.

We also included the American flag, and all those beautiful, sheltering trees!  I was almost sad to send this off, as I knew that our collaboration of her vision and my painting meant that we'd kind of go our separate ways.  But this house, and the beautiful soul who occupies it with the creatures who need her, will always be special to me!

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