Monday, August 18, 2014

Signs of fall, a walk and a thought

Sarge my boxer dog on our daily walk
What are the signs of fall coming in the last weeks of August?  They are all around us as Sarge and I walk through our neighborhood on our daily "constitutional"!

Every sense is screaming change of seasons!  I hear the Canada geese flying overhead as they gather to go south.

Is that an apple pie I smell?

The tart and sweet tomatoes from our home garden.

The drier, cooler late summer breeze.

The late summer blossoms of the morning glories and dahlias.  But today we heard the absolute guarantee that summer is ending and fall is almost here:  The high school marching band!  I have to say, starting my day with a walk with Sarge is good for my artist's soul.  I think about what's on the easel and where I am and what's next.  But anyway...what signs of fall are you seeing in your neck of the woods?

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